Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music has Impact

Music has an impact on us all. Negatively and positively? but honestly who decides what is negative or positive? We listen to all types of genres of music but what are the trying to portrait? the good Life? making money? Grindin'? Hustlin'?

I listen to music for the type of mood im in. for instance when i get paid and have my money on my bed counting it down. i throw on Ricky 'Rozay' Ross because i feel like a BOSS.

Or when I'm getting dressed for a major event and i want to be inspired. ill throw on some Yeezy or Skateboard P

When I want to uplift my spirits i throw on Wiz Khalifa or Curren$y

When i think about my mission my grind i think about new and improved artist. I think about the process Gucci Mane has come from so icey (which isn't a bad song) to R. Kelly's Superman High which Gucci wrote for himself.

I love music because it speaks for. says things that you might not want to say in public. Music guides you to enjoy the types of lifestyles your favorite artist tries to portrait. Enjoy your music its an escape from the reality of real world. and if you like it as much as i do. make music your reality.