Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Universal Music Group X Tommy Hilfiger

The designer himself, Tommy Hilfiger has joined forces with Universal Music Group to start a new clothing line.

Universal already owns multiple clothing companies in the United Kingdom, but teaming up with American designer is thought to help out the company due to the lack of album sales.

Hilfiger will be assisting in designing Rock -n- Roll inspired clothing for high-end boutiques and department stores.

Universal plans on exceeding graciously in the clothing business using Hifiger's resource Li & Fung, a Hong Kong company that sources billions of dollars worth of consumer products and distributes them to retailers.

One important note about this partnership is that this is not affiliated with the Tommy Hilfiger brand which is owned by, Phillips-Van Heusen Corp, the same owner who owns Calvin Klien.This will be the Hilfiger's special project.

This is just one of many major steps Universal Music Group plans to take in 2011 which includes the possible merger with Apple.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) has simply deleted categories such as Latin Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Cajun, Zydeco, Hawaiian, Polka, Traditional World, which includes Gospel, Blues, R&B, and Mexican categories.

The cut downgraded the once 109 category award show to only 78. Leaving many musicians with a feel of betrayal.

During the first Grammy Awards Ceremony in 1959 Frank Sinatra stated, "It's about excellence, not popularity..."

In the past the minimum requirement for submissions was 10. If for three consecutive years any category received less than the minimum submissions the category would be terminated permanently.

Now the minimum is 25 submissions. Which now seems that the Grammy's is now making decisions based on popularity instead of actual talent and excellence.

Latin Jazz performers protested outside of the Beverly Hilton where the board of trustes for the the NARAS held their meeting. The protest brought a large crowd showing exactly how popular their craft actually is..

"Many races, colors and creeds embrace our music," said Latin jazz musician Peter Escovedo. "And to take that away from us is a slap in the face."

Not only is taking away categories a slap in a musicians face. It's a slap in the face of the fans who enjoy those particular musical categories.


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The Godfather of Rap passed away last night. Gil Scott-Heron was pronounced dead at St.Lukes Hospital in Manhattan. He was 62.

Gil Scott-Heron, was a poet and a spoken word artist. He was known for his critiques of politics and racism. "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" made him a prominent and notable voice of black protest in the 1970s.

You may have heard some of his music sampled by Kanye West (Home is Where the Hatred Is) or The Game (Angel).

Gil Scott-Heron has made over dozens of records solo and along side Brain Jackson.

He will be missed and remembered as one of the greatest influences on the rap/hip-hop culture.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lupe Teaser

Lupe is almost here. Finally we can count the days of his release on one hand. five more days. March 8th. Check out this lil teaser of Lupe spitting for nine plus minutes straight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Donald Glover

Do you watch The Community?? If so you must know Troy. well be prepared to be in awe this dude SPITS

Check out the video Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks from Donald Glover on Vimeo.